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Affordable Healthcare Options for Small Business

Making Direct Primary Care (DPC) the focus and  foundation of your company's benefit plan produces happier, healthier, more productive employees- building your bottom line.

Small business thrives on relationships – with a supplier, a customer, or an employee. Most of the people connected to a small business eventually become like family. As an owner of a small business, you head this family and want to see the family working well and keeping good health.

The Problem
Finding Affordable, Quality Health
Insurance For Employees
Paucity of finance, hundreds of regulations and rules to follow, cut throat competition in the market place and employee attrition are some of the factors that a small business owner faces every day. Finding affordable and quality health insurance is a problem for many. Unfortunately, for the small business owner – they often end up paying for coverage that either is not required or is not used by the employee.

Employer Wish List

I Want Lower Employee Healthcare Premiums, And Still Offer A Meaningful Benefits Package

Employees typically use health insurance for common and frequent events like routine physicals, acute care, chronic condition management, refills, and labs -costing upwards of $100 per visit.  When health insurance claims are filed routinely, premiums rise. Integrating a Direct Primary Care physician into your company's plan can help you predicting employee health care costs- securing a more solid financial future. 

The Solution

Direct Primary Care + Appropriate Supplemental Insurance Plan

So,  what does this mean for me and my business?

  • Less employee absenteeism for illness & doctors visits

  • Reduction in unnecessary urgent & emergent care utilization 

  • Complete price transparency and predictability

  • Potential savings on Workman's Compensation claims

Coupling Direct Primary Care (DPC) with a high deductible insurance plan and a health savings account (HSA), provides complete coverage for employees at a lower cost than standard insurance coverage.

With the iHealth Partner Program, enrolled employees have better access to health care. They have a doctor whom they can build a long term relationship; someone who knows their medical history and has enough time to spend with them to address any new concerns. Employees can get same-day meaningful appointments, ability to directly email or text message their doctor and get a response within minutes or hours. 

So the REAL question becomes:
How does this work?

Direct Primary Care covers 90% of an employee’s health care needs; offering access to a dedicated physician for many employee primary health care requirements such as:

  • regular checkups

  • lab testing

  • acute & urgent care

  • preventive care

  • chronic disease management

The remaining 10% gets covered by a high deductible health plan, which generally qualifies for a Health Savings Account (HSA). This strategy takes care of your employees' catastrophic coverage needs, while saving on hospitalization and other costs, should they arise.

Health Insurance is not required to participate in the iHealth Partner program!

Benefits Outside of Traditional Healthcare 

Participants receive concierge-level care, faster access to medical care, meaningful appointments and no hidden costs. Additionally, our iHealth Partner patients value: 

  • Round-the-clock access to their physician, with the option of being treated at home, workplace or medical office.

  • Their physician knowing them personally; using technology to address medical concerns over the phone, text or internet chat.

  • Access to an on-site lab & private pharmacy where point-of-care results and wholesale-priced medication are available during your appointment.

  • Being able to call for help at any hour and receiving it when you need it.  

How can I make DPC work for for my business?

Under the Independent Health Advantage model, small business owners can cover their employees' primary health care service needs with an affordable fee, currently around $50 per employee, per month. Since the majority of employees' primary healthcare needs are taken care of at Independent Health Advantage, insurance use and cost is minimized for the small business owner. The best part is that employees receive their primary health care needs 24/7 from a caring physician.

For a small business owner, Direct Primary Care is the most affordable method of taking care of the primary healthcare needs of the employees – offering increased access, higher quality and round-the-clock convenience to them. Please call 207-703-5365 to speak with our Small Business Partnership Team for more information.

As fellow small business owners we understand the fine balance of taking care of your employees while maintaining a healthy budget. We would be happy to schedule a time to meet with you or show you around the practice.

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