Philosophy of Practice

Independent Health Advantage is an Internal Medicine practice that provides highly personalized medical care by following the Direct Primary Care model of delivery. The practice achieves this aim by placing a ceiling on the maximum number of patients belonging to a single physician so that you always have time with your doctor and never feel like “a number.” Independent Health Advantage brings the doctor-patient relationship to center focus by removing the distractions imposed by third parties.


My practice is dedicated to providing superior care by offering longer and convenient appointments, a host of on-site services, improved coordination with specialists, and direct communication with the physician through your choice of technology. I see Independent Health Advantage as the future of medicine where physicians, in real time, can be both reactive and proactive in managing their patients’ health.

I practice medicine as I live my life- with passion and dedication. I believe that patients want a doctor they can rely upon, someone who will be there for them when they are ill- not a week or two later. Patients want a doctor who is thorough, one who will take the time necessary to conduct a proper interview and examination and one who takes a vested interest in capturing the right diagnosis and formulating an individualized treatment plan. Patients are also seeking a doctor who will be a cheerleader to help keep them healthy. Above all, they want someone they can call “my doctor.”


I am honored to be in a position to make an important difference in peoples’ lives simply by doing what is right, whether through small interventions or elaborate medical orchestrations. This is why and how I practice medicine.

At Independent Health Advantage, we believe in a medical practice that serves its patients, not the interests of outside parties. Independent Health Advantage is truly an ally in your care. It has nothing to gain financially from insurance companies nor must it participate in the rules that insurance companies impose that often obstruct your care. While IHA patients are encouraged to have insurance for life’s uncertain events, it is our belief that insurance should not be interfering in decisions made between doctor and patient.

Peter Sacchetti, MD

1 Brickyard Lane

Suite D

York, Maine  03909

Southern Maine, Southern New Hampshire, Portsmouth, Kittery, Kennebunk

Practice Tel: 207-703-5365

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