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iHealth Senior

Concerned over an ageing loved one's health and well-being? Are they not being cared for in a way both you and they would want?

Our program, iHealth Senior, is designed to take part of the stress and burden off of arranging and providing medical care for patients in their golden years, whether they live independently or in assisted living. 

With frequent house calls, well-being and safety checks, on-going communication with family, and 24-hour access to their own private doctor, we can provide both the patient and family, peace of mind during what can seem like an overwhelming time. 

Seasonal and year-round care available.

Peter Sacchetti, MD

1 Brickyard Lane

Suite D

York, Maine  03909

Southern Maine, Southern New Hampshire, Portsmouth, Kittery, Kennebunk

Practice Tel: 207-703-5365

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