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Designed for the patient who would like to make significant lifestyle changes under the direct supervision of their physician. Dr. Sacchetti has created iHealth One so that patients have a solid framework from which to work while attaining and maintaining their healthcare goals.  Incorporating technology (via wearable fitness monitoring such as FitBit), Dr. Sacchetti is able to motivate,  track and monitor exercise and sleep patterns, and patient bio-statistics directly through our electronic medical record system-no matter where you are in the world!  Whether you need someone to closely manage your chronic illness or keep a watchful eye over your fitness and nutritional goals- iHealth One will be the catalyst which unlocks your potential.

Built into this one-of-a-kind health care program are comprehensive diagnostics, completed on-site at our private laboratory and fitness testing with our personal trainer. Diet and nutritional goals can be designed and monitored by meeting with our Registered Dietitian.  This is a great program for individuals who want to engage their physician to review results, track progress and establish healthy habits to meet and break through individual health and wellness goals-whatever they may be.

iHealth One Annual Plan Includes:

Same- or next-day appointments, 24/7 access to Dr. Sacchetti and option to take advantage of the in-office private pharmacy offering over one hundred prescription medications at below retail prices.

On-Site Laboratory Testing and Interpretation

During your scheduled appointment Dr. Sacchetti may suggest lab work. Should this be the case, Independent Health Advantage's on-site private laboratory offers a full range of out-patient laboratory testing, with results and interpretation during your appointment.

Complete and Thorough Annual History and Physical

Annual sixty-minute history and physical in a discreet and relaxed atmosphere, where quality time can be spent to thoroughly address all aspects of your health.

Five One-Hour Appointments with Doctor Sacchetti

Use five (5) hour-long appointments for routine check-ups for chronic medical conditions or pursuing personal health and fitness goals. Should you need urgent care, same- or next-day appointments are available. Save time and money by avoiding the walk-in clinic. Notify Dr. Sacchetti via text, email or phone and have your medical concern addressed promptly.

Diagnostic Testing and Interpretation

With a full-range of laboratory services available on-site, Dr. Sacchetti is able to receive and interpret test results during your appointment- eliminating the need for off-site testing.  iHealth One patients receive the following testing services: annual electrocardiogram (EKG), thyroid screening (women), PSA and testosterone (men),  Glycohemoglobin (A1c), ESR, spirometry (lung function), and bi-annual lipid panel (cholesterol).  Comprehensive metabolic panel (electrolytes, blood sugar, and kidney and liver function) and complete blood count are offered three times per year.  Annual fitness assessment with personal trainer includes: cardio-respiratory endurance, upper and lower body strength, body composition (skinfold and/or circumference measurements) and flexibility.  Bi-annual meetings are scheduled with our Registered Dietitian to design and review nutritional goals and outcomes.

Access to Independent Health Advantage's Private Pharmacy

With over one-hundred medications available, Dr. Sacchetti offers, as a service to his patients, the option to purchase prescription medication through our on-site private pharmacy. 

Flu Shot

No more getting your flu shot at the local grocery or convenience store. Every member of Independent Health Advantage receives their annual flu shot privately, at a time when it is convenient- weekday, weekend or evening.

Automatic Easy Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual Payments

For $507.50 per quarter, you can receive the utmost of medical services, in a comfortable private setting, house calls and telemedicine services. Uncompromising attentive healthcare when you need it.  Healthcare as it should be, for the patient. 

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