iHealth Focus

Designed for the healthy individual who visits their doctor infrequently, but would still like access to services and amenities, iHealth Focus offers 24/7 communication with

your doctor via video, email or phone/text. Patients are encouraged to consult with Dr. Sacchetti with medical concerns such as cough, fever, minor illnesses and injuries. This direct access leads to a better relationship with your doctor and less visits to other, more costly providers like urgent care centers, specialists and emergency rooms.

Once enrolled in iHealth Focus, many patients have paid for their annual enrollment fee with the money they've saved from taking advantage our state-of-the art on-site diagnostic laboratory and private pharmacy. With over 100 common medications readily available, you can leave your appointment with medication in hand.  No extra trip or time taken off from work/family to sit and wait at an off-site lab. 

Secure email and texting provide an easy and convenient means of communication in the case of sudden illness, burns and cuts and urgent medical concerns, regardless of proximity to the office.

iHealth Focus Annual Plan Includes:

Same- or next-day appointments, 24/7 access to Dr. Sacchetti and option to take advantage of the in-office pharmacy and lab with point-of-care results.

Complete and Thorough Annual History and Physical & Additional Office Visits

As an iHealth Focus patient you are entitled to an unrushed and thorough annual comprehensive one hour history and physical. Two (2) additional one-hour appointments are included in this program, with same- or next-day appointments available. Rather than tolerate a busy emergency room or the impersonal treatment by an unknown on-call medical professional, patients are given their doctor's personal cell phone number so that they text or phone him to address their medical concerns as needed.

Laboratory Testing

Vital signs, pulse oximetry, weight and BMI are taken at every appointment. Comprehensive metabolic panel (electrolytes, glucose, kidey/liver function) and lipid panel (total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, VLDL, and HDL) are available two times per year. Annually, patients receive thyroid screening (TSH) and complete blood count (red and white cell count, hemoglobin, platelet count). Monitoring of wearable devices, such as Fitbits, and flu shot are also included in the iHealth Focus plan.

Access to Independent Health Advantage's Private Pharmacy

Available as a service to Independent Health Advantage patients only, Dr. Sacchetti offers the option to purchase prescription medications through our on-site private pharmacy. Priced at below retail, prescriptions can easily be filled during your visit.  Should the need arise, Independent Health Advantage's pharmacy can be available to our patients 24-hours a day.

Flu Shot

No more getting your flu shot at the local grocery or convenience store. Every member of Independent Health Advantage will receive their annual flu shot privately, at a time when it is convenient for them- weekday, weekend or evening.

Automatic Easy Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual Payments

For $207.50 per quarter, you can receive the utmost of medical services, in a comfortable private setting. Uncompromising attentive healthcare when you need it. Healthcare as it should be, for the patient. 

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