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Whether working, traveling or just have a medical question, getting in touch with your physician can be frustrating. Many people nowadays don't have the time or patience for the impersonal clinic visit. With iHealth Direct patients have 24/7 access to their doctor via video, email or phone/text so questions are answered when it matters.

Structured for individuals, couples or families with adult children (up to age 25), this annual program is targeted toward those who would like to manage their

medical condition through more frequent visits.  

No more traveling to an off-site lab and waiting days for results! Dr. Sacchetti operates a private on-site laboratory and pharmacy, strictly for Independent Health Advantage patients, where lab test results can be interpreted and discussed during your appointment and pharmaceuticals can be purchased at below retail prices. Leave the office with labs complete and medication in hand.

iHealth Direct Annual Plan Includes:

Same- or next-day appointments, 24/7 access to Dr. Sacchetti and option to take advantage of the in-office pharmacy and lab with point-of-care results.

Complete and Thorough Annual History and Physical

Enter into a relaxed and completely private environment for your annual history and physical. Dr. Sacchetti schedules a full sixty-minute appointment so that all aspects of your health can be thoroughly addressed.

Eight One-Hour Appointments with Doctor Sacchetti

Guaranteed to see your doctor, use the eight (8) one-hour appointments as you need or pre-schedule for routine check-ins of a chronic medical condition.  If you join with a spouse/partner and/or adult child, you may share your appointment allotment with members of your enrolled family. Due to a select number of patients we enroll, same- or next-day appointments are available. Don't waste time or money going to an urgent care center/walk-in clinic. Notify Dr. Sacchetti and have your medical concern addressed right away.  Additional appointments are available and can be billed monthly.

Access to Independent Health Advantage's Private Pharmacy

With over one-hundred medications available, Dr. Sacchetti offers, as a service to only his patients, the option to purchase prescription medication through our on-site private pharmacy.  Priced at below retail, patients can be billed monthly for their prescriptions.  Unlike other pharmacies, Independent Health Advantage's is open 24-hours a day for our patients' convenience.

Flu Shot

No more getting your flu shot at the local grocery or convenience store or convenience. Every member of Independent Health Advantage receives their annual flu shot privately, at a time when it is convenient- weekday, weekend or evening.

Automatic Easy Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual Payments

For $462.50 per quarter, you can receive the utmost of medical services, in a comfortable private setting. Uncompromised attentive healthcare when you need it.  Healthcare as it should be, for the patient. Not for the interests of insurance companies or government agencies. 

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