Peter Sacchetti, MD

1 Brickyard Lane

Suite D

York, Maine  03909

Southern Maine, Southern New Hampshire, Portsmouth, Kittery, Kennebunk

Practice Tel: 207-703-5365

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Thank you for choosing to enroll online!
(Please read the following carefully as it pertains to our secure enrollment process.)




**Click "Open in Full Screen" for optimal viewing.**

Click the "Start" button below. This brings you to a secure link where you will be prompted to enter your health history, payment information and contact details. This process takes about 20 minutes to complete. If you need to to take a pause, the program will save your work and bring you back to the place where you left off. 

Credit/Debit Card information must be included as part of the enrollment process. You enter it securely on-line or you may call us at 207-703-5365. Nothing will be charged to your card until enrollment is confirmed and you are officially accepted as a patient. Please note, a non-medical pre-enrollment consultation is required of all new patients. There is a $200 consultation fee associated with this. We are able to accept cash and check only for pre-enrollment consults.

Please make sure you are enrolling under the correct patient program. There are three of them: iHealth One, iHealth Focus,  and iHealth Direct.  Should you need assistance selecting a program or navigating the online form, please call 207-703-5365 and we will do our best to guide you through this process.

Once you have submitted your information online portion, someone from Independent Health Advantage (IHA) will contact you to verify this stage of the enrollment.  Completing the online enrollment does not in itself represent or establish a contractual relationship between physician and patient, nor does it guarantee acceptance as a patient of IHA or its physician. You will receive telephonic and written confirmation from us once you have been accepted as a patient, at which time an appointment may be scheduled and your initial payment will be processed. 

Once your "New Patient" status has been confirmed, you are strongly encouraged to have your medical records sent to us as soon as possible. You can authorize the release of your medical records by using the form found under the heading Printable Forms at the bottom of our website. Print out the form, complete it, and mail it to the medical provider(s) you are requesting information. Receiving medical records can take upwards of 30 days. While having your medical records is often very helpful before the first appointment, it is not required where there is a pressing medical need to be seen.