Additional Services are available to Independent Health Advantage patients, as well as those not currently enrolled in one of our programs.  Services listed below do not fall under any patient program (unless otherwise noted) and are charged at the time of service.

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Men's Clinic at Independent Health Advantage

Proven treatment for low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and loss of strength caused by inadequate testosterone production.

Testosterone levels begin to decline as men reach their third decade of life. They continue to decrease at a typical rate of about 1% per year. In certain men, this decline is more pronounced and they experience symptoms related to low testosterone ("Low-T").  Common symptoms include low libido, decreased energy and vitality, erectile dysfunction, and loss of strength and muscle mass. Independent Health Advantage's Men's Clinic consists of weekly or bi-weekly testosterone injections, baseline laboratory testing, and sequential monitoring to ensure a successful outcome. What distinguishes our program from others are the quality face-to-face time with Dr. Sacchetti, on-site testing with immediate results and integrating hormonal therapy while addressing other healthcare needs.  Please contact us for further details about this intense year-long program.

Fitness Testing is a great way to learn about your current state of physical health.  A tool for goal-setting and motivation, testing allows you to identify areas of physical strength and areas of improvement. By monitoring progress, results can act as a bench mark upon which a suitable training program can be tailored. The incentive to improve can often be provided by the 'goal' of a certain test score. Not only will Fitness Assessments provide you with evidence of progress and validate efforts, but it creates a sense of urgency and accountability to adhere to your plan when a reevaluation is around the corner. It is recommended that testing be done every six months so that measurable improvements can be realized. We have partnered with Optimum Fitness, a personal training facility in York, where all Fitness Assessments are privately administered by an exercise professional. Results are then interpreted at Independent Health Advantage. Testing and Assessment Pricing $150.00. Contact information for Optimum Fitness can is available through IHA where you can directly to inquire about personal training packages. 

Evaluation for Medical Cannabis

Medical Marijuana certificates for qualifying conditions.

Optimizing the benefits and minimizing the harm of medical cannabis requires an personalized approach with education on dosage, frequency, strain, and delivery systems.

Cannabis is a well-known and effective alternative treatment for a number of medical conditions such as chronic pain, ALS, cancer, seizure disorders, PTSD, and others. Dr. Sacchetti performs evaluations for medical cannabis at a reasonable fee for those with qualifying conditions. At IHA, we believe the use of medical marijuana should be guided by your physician.  Initial Evaluation: $150. Annual Renewal: $100. (Evaluation does not guarantee certification.)  

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